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Eurekos Systems ApS

Adm. Direktør

Anders Willumsen


Denmark i 3400 Hilleroed








Anden udgivelse af software

A discovery worth celebrating

Eurekos is a danish company, headquarters just north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Eurekos is an interpretation of the word “Eureka” from the Ancient Greek, which is an expression of joy or satisfaction for new discoveries or invention.

When we formed Eurekos ten years ago, we were focused on delivering exceptional learning content to our customers, but we noticed that something was missing. There was no single platform that integrated an engaging learning experience and learning delivery with the tools to create and maintain content quickly, easily and effectively. These should not be separate disciplines.

We changed that. Rethought the status quo. Redefined the way we work with learning and knowledge sharing in practice. We designed a modular structure that allows embedding the best tools the world has to offer at any given time and delivers an integrated next-level user experience with unprecedented efficiency.


Everything to someone, not something to everyone

We are not trying to be a “fit-for-all” solution. We want to provide a perfect fit for professional academies, product training, end-client training, compliance and demanding bespoke scenarios that just won’t fit the box.

With Eurekos you have emphasis on creation and delivery of unique content, supporting full channel services and products with great global localization.

When you choose Eurekos, you also choose a very committed partner and not an ocean-liner LMS vendor.


Highest level of global information and privacy security

Eurekos having achieved both ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701 certification. These are the most widely recognized international standards for best practices in Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). Thus, the Eurekos LMS offers clients increased reliability and security of systems and information, as well as improved customer and business partner confidence.


Statement of applicability



We are passionate about delivering all our clients the best service and most innovative product in our industry. It’s all about trust and confidence in the partnership. Matching expectations and then some.

Eurekos Systems ApS har endnu ikke opgivet hvilke lande de er interesserede i samarbejdspartnere fra.

Eurekos Systems ApS har endnu ikke defineret hvordan deres virksomhed tager hensyn til de 17 verdensmål.

Kig ind senere.

Ingenting fundet.


Anders Willumsen
+45 70 204 204

CTO & Founder
Nick Etlar Eriksen
+45 70 204 204

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