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The Danish Pavilion

Nature, modern architectural tours and business all merge in the new design of The Danish pavilion for EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

It is with great pleasure that we can unveil The Danish pavilion’s new design. At the same time, the new design is a consequence of a significant strategic focus on Danish SMEs. We have therefore created much more space for Danish companies to participate on the world’s largest export stage. The Danish pavilion is a unique opportunity for SMEs to show the best of Denmark to the rest of the world for 182 days from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

The new design of the Danish pavilion contains everything from lounge areas and meeting rooms, to a cozy Carlsberg bar and large beautiful common areas. Here you can see the pavilion from the outside, and here you can see how nature and architecture merge into a beautiful whole. The structure, which gives shade over the entrance to the pavilion, can change color between the white during the day, to both red and blue in the evening. It is also clear from the outside that nature and architecture merge into the pavilion’s design.

Inside, the pavilion continues this expression, providing both space for togetherness and business. Grass, plants and palm trees are all part of the décor and it is especially white and bright surfaces that characterize the pavilion’s expression. In this way, the pavilion’s guests can still enjoy the green and tropical surroundings even if they stand in the shade of the sun.

In the evening, the pavilion changes character and there becomes a completely different atmosphere. In the Carlsberg bar and its communal areas, pavilion guests can enjoy a refreshment in a relaxed, tree-lined, and almost Scandinavian setting.

In the moonlight it is also possible to get views of other parts of the EXPO area, which further enhances the atmosphere around the event.

Elsewhere in the pavilion, the pavilion also shows its unique properties in the evening. Here, for example, is another of the indoors.

Also on the outside, the pavilion changes character, and the aforementioned red and blue lights are now given free rein to let the pavilion stand out among its neighbors. At the same time, the pavilion’s lighthouse-like construction is expressed, which further makes the building stand out.

You can find more info at [Verdensudstillingen] or [expo2020 .]

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