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Biodiversity from Jutland’s wild west coast adds a buzzing life to Danish Business Pavilion

OPTIMAL BEES helps you to boost your economy by boosting your sustainability! Improve your ecological footprint and your image! By bee implantation projects for pollination or re-/ naturalisation of landscapes you show everyone that you are up to sustainability. That will raise the values of your home, city, region, nation and your company. OPTIMAL BEES offers international project management for re-/ implantation of bees as pollinators in urban, cultural, natural and however devastated landscapes. Concept and realisation, support and knowledge transfer – about species-appropriate bee well beekeeping with the goal to install stable bee families. – of implementation and re-/cultivation

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The Coffee Souq will provide the elixir of life for the Danish Business Pavilion at Expo 2020

Coffee makes the world go round, and now the new sponsor to the Danish Business Pavilion, The Coffee Souq, will make sure that visitors and corporate members can stay fueled and can keep going during the Expo 2020 thanks to their delicious, sustainable coffee. Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. This leaves a big impact on the environment and climate, so it is important that it’s produced in the most sustainable way. The Danish Business Pavilion is proud to announce a sponsorship agreement with The Coffee Souq – a Danish e-commerce company based in Dubai

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DSV becomes sponsor to the Danish Business Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai

“As a global transport and logistics company, we have a global impact on both environment and climate – with that comes great responsibility. That is why we have a clear direction for the reduction of CO2 emission with science-based targets. A green and innovative mindset is the key of Danish business culture, and we intend to lead the way in our industry. To get the opportunity to showcase that to the world at Expo 2020 is an opportunity we cannot miss”, says Michael Carstensen, Managing Director – UAE. “The Danish Business Pavilion is located at the Mobility area at EXPO

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Life Is All About Experiences – Best In Life

“Today, life is all about experiences. Best in Life make it possible for you to explore the most exclusive travel experiences. Our mission is to inspire you and enable you to book a truly unique travel experience. Our passion lies in revealing the beauty of the world through its amazing sights. We are experts on orchestrating dreams! We want you to experience it with the highest level of personal service and attention to details. We will design a program that will bring you only the very best of each destination” Henrik Elmholdt, Best in Life, 26th of December 2020  

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The Worlds First Robot Venture Factory

“People use our robots to change the way they work to be more meaningful, rewarding and healthier. We improve quality-of-life and productivity. We make robots for humans” Claus Risager, Blue Ocean Robotics 14th of December 2020. Blue Ocean Robotics develops, produces and sells autonomous mobile robots for the professional service industry such as healthcare, agriculture, construction and hospitality. The portfolio of robots includes the brands UVD Robots – a UV-C disinfection robot for reducing Hospital Acquired Infections; GoBe Robots – a telepresence robot for reducing travel time, costs and CO2 emissions; and PTR Robots – a safe patient transfer and

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Steinway Lyngdorf – Experience the extraordinary

“Everybody wants to have good experiences. And that is what we bring to people, we bring good experiences. In a normal complex multichannel system, if you turn up the volume, there is going to be hum and buzz and noise. In a Steinway Lyngdorf system, there is going to be nothing” Anker Haldan, Steinway Lyngdorf, 4th of December 2020.   Unique Partnership An iconic name, and an unsurpassed audio experience. Quite simply the finest digital audio on the planet. Designed, developed, and manufactured in Denmark, Steinway Lyngdorf sound systems are the only systems that are qualified to be manufactured in

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The official platform for danish participation in the 2021 World’s Fair in Dubai,, has now been shot down. We are beginning to welcome our partners to the site, and expect that there may be a bit of a crunch in relation to unfilled company profiles, lack of products, etc. until we get the partners fully in place. We’re sorry if you try to navigate the page and hit a page that doesn’t look the way it should, it’s likely to be fixed shortly. Alternatively, we receive feedback on

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A Danish and sustainable producer of high-quality spirits

“Our small family-owned brewery has received international recognition after we have made some of the best reviewed spirits in the world. We continue to strive to perfect our production with climate and local area in focus without compromising on quality”. Henrik Hammer, Son & Hammer Hammer & Son produces their high-quality products at Vintre Møller, close to an old water mill which has produced flour, garments, beer and other products since 1374. Hammer & Son harvests their ingredients in the area around their brewery, and produces their products with water from the local water source. The area around Hammer &

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Simon Holst design wants posters to be more than decoration on the wall.

“There are only two ways to make posters. The first is the approach that nothing is a miracle. The second is that everything can be a miracle – so we chose the option number 2” Simon Holst, Simon Holst Design   A poster can be exactly what you want – so why not make something beautiful that can broaden your horizons? At you will find beautiful, decorative and informative posters created to inspire. In the category of kitchen posters for example, it is not just posters with vegetables as a motif, but instead many exciting facts about vegetables, so

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Nordic Underfloor heating plates – New underfloor heating plates from NORDIC – fast reaction time, fast installation, great energy saving

“  Nordic – a sustainable partner Nordic offers you innovative solutions and products for energy and environmental techology that are perfect for sustainable development. Nordic is open-minded and quick to embrace new ideas and technologies to improve the solutions of the future.” Renee Jelskov and Chano Hallas, NORDIC Underlay November 18, 2020. Underfloor heating plates from NORDIC regulate the underfloor heating temperature in 30 minutes. It saves energy and is light, fast and cheaper to mount Developed by Nordic universities The new underfloor heating plates from NORDIC have been developed in close cooperation with the technical universities. The team was tasked

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