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November 23, 2020
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WeldingDroid at the World Exhibition

  We are super happy for this unique opportunity to join the biggest export scene. It didn’t take many hours to say yes thanks
 proposal from ExpoMatch and the Danish Business Pavilion.

Christian Olsen and Kevin Christensen, WeldingDroid

  February 4, 2020.

Collars, flanges and bends in record time 

WeldingDroid revolutionizes the way welding is worked

WeldingDroid is an automated welding machine that makes it easier, faster and more efficient to weld straight cut pipes, flanges, collars and bends. The welding machine is easy to operate, and during three press on a remote control, the welding machine is activated and you are in progress. The automated welding machine is not only easy to operate, it is also easy to transport. 

WeldingDroid takes the welding technique into the 21st century with their smart and compact software, which allows you to control every parameter and thereby get a great result every time. 

The software can be reused in the vast majority of machines in demand in the industry, allowing them to create a customer-specific solution, both faster and much cheaper than the competitors. WeldingDroid can be operated by anyone, anywhere. 

This means that customers can streamline their workflow, avoid poor postures, and at the same time get consistent results – every time. WeldingDroid first saw the light of day in 2019. Here, several years of intensive work culminated in the first prototype of the welding machine, which was to make life easier for welders. It all started when Christian Olsen thought there had to be a smarter way to weld pipes. 

Christian had spent many years in inappropriate and physically demanding postures, so he thought it could be done more appropriately. He then spent three years programming and designing the automatic welding machine. 

But Christian needed someone who had a network and professionalism to get the project beyond the steppes – and that’s where the 3D designer Kevin Christensen came into the picture. Together they established WeldingDroid, and the two are still the driving force in the company. 

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