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February 4, 2021
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Biodiversity from Jutland’s wild west coast adds a buzzing life to Danish Business Pavilion

OPTIMAL BEES helps you to boost your economy by boosting your sustainability!
Improve your ecological footprint and your image! By bee implantation projects for pollination or re-/ naturalisation of landscapes you show everyone that you are up to sustainability. That will raise the values of your home, city, region, nation and your company.

OPTIMAL BEES offers international project management for re-/ implantation of bees as pollinators in urban, cultural, natural and however devastated landscapes.
Concept and realisation, support and knowledge transfer
– about species-appropriate bee well beekeeping with the goal to install stable bee families.
– of implementation and re-/cultivation of stable pollinator cultures such as bees, wild bees and further insects for agriculture.
– of implementation and cultivation of bee-fair landscapes in denatured cultural and natural landscapes e.g. steppe and desert zones in the way of perma culture (1).
(1) Perma culture means the symbiotic coexistence of animals and plants for the vitalization of everyone involved by setting climate-adapted (suitable) plants, insects and animals into positive interactions through correct placement and cultivation.

– clear calculations of boosting your green footprint by bee implantation / re-/cultivation. Get a cost calculation in relation with the benefits to present your impact by a reasonable convincing and well calculated concept.
– Scientific investigation and research by electronical measurements for validation.
– well sceduled project plans with tasks, responsible persons, meetings, seasonal fitting implanting times, dead lines and even alternate Plans, if needed. We will coach your project from the very beginning to its inauguration or just in parts, just as you like.
– International and climate proper webeenars and coaching in animal welfare beekeeping by Internet and life at your place. We offer the theoretical and practical knowledge of bee-friendly, species-appropriate, chemistry-free and effcient beekeeping according to today’s standard. Complemented by international historical and regional beekeepers knowledge in theory and practice.

OPTIMAL BEES is producer of Climate Beehives for sustainable and efficient beekeeping. Scientifically founded, practically tried and tested. They offer the best basis for your sustainable projects of beekeeping and re-/ implementation of pollination.
– support and teaching beekeepers who have lost too many bee families due to varroa damage and other bee diseases as well as to extreme weather conditions. Instead of giving up they are happy to find solutions easy to apply.
– support to opening up new sustainable markets. As generally seen, there is a paradigm shift towards sustainability and species-appropriate livestock farming as well as the desire for organic products such as honey, pollen, wax and propolis without chemical residues for cosmetical, medical and gourmet markets. This leads to high quality and well paid products increasing your economy.

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