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January 25, 2021
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Steinway Lyngdorf – Experience the extraordinary

“Everybody wants to have good experiences. And that is what we bring to people, we bring good experiences. In a normal complex multichannel system, if you turn up the volume, there is going to be hum and buzz and noise. In a Steinway Lyngdorf system, there is going to be nothing”

Anker Haldan, Steinway Lyngdorf, 4th of December 2020.


Unique Partnership

An iconic name, and an unsurpassed audio experience. Quite simply the finest digital audio on the planet. Designed, developed, and manufactured in Denmark, Steinway Lyngdorf sound systems are the only systems that are qualified to be manufactured in partnership with Steinway & Sons. Steinway Lyngdorf brings together Steinway & Sons, makers of the world’s finest pianos for more than 165 years, and Peter Lyngdorf, one of the most forward-thinking audio innovators of our time. The partnership is based on an ambitious promise – that the Steinway Lyngdorf audio systems reproduce the sound of a Steinway & Sons grand piano to the degree that even seasoned concert pianists cannot discern the difference. Steinway Lyngdorf has redefined the standards of audio innovation and sound reproduction In 2006, in a re-imagining of digital acoustic compensation, RoomPerfect™ was launched, marking an entry to the market of the most sophisticated solution for adapting sound to its environment.


Steinway & Sons finish

One of the hallmark features of the Steinway Lyngdorf brand is the iconic black lacquer which is applied by hand exactly as it is done for the legendary Steinway & Sons pianos in Hamburg, Germany. Using time-honored techniques, trained craftsmen ensure that the classic black finish of each component attains the highest standard of quality. Because it’s not finished until it’s finished.


Your home Your system

Steinway Lyngdorf offers custom products to accommodate special installations and nonstandard room structures. Steinway Lyngdorf offers custom products to accommodate special installations and nonstandard room structures. We also offer bespoke exquisite wood finishes and contemporary custom high-gloss colors to complement your home décor. Your space is your own – and your sound system should sing your unique song.

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