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January 25, 2021
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The Worlds First Robot Venture Factory

“People use our robots to change the way they work to be more meaningful, rewarding and healthier. We improve quality-of-life and productivity. We make robots for humans”

Claus Risager, Blue Ocean Robotics 14th of December 2020.

Blue Ocean Robotics develops, produces and sells autonomous mobile robots for the professional service industry such as healthcare, agriculture, construction and hospitality. The portfolio of robots includes the brands UVD Robots – a UV-C disinfection robot for reducing Hospital Acquired Infections; GoBe Robots – a telepresence robot for reducing travel time, costs and CO2 emissions; and PTR Robots – a safe patient transfer and rehabilitation robot for improving the health of caregivers. The robots are developed from problem, idea and design over development, commercialization and all the way to scale up. While each robot is known in the market by its own unique brand name, all robots in the portfolio are developed, produced and commercialized by reusing generic technology- and business components. Blue Ocean Robotics is the world’s first Robot Venture

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